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Winter Nocturne

By Victor Alvarez

infinite little icy things
infinitesimal crystallines
sweet nature's perfect fractallines
each one formed once eternally
die on my palm my nose my cheek!

but now the snow-dusts have their way.
there is almost no space
they will not be subdued
there is no escape -
retreat, retreat, go home, go home!
watch longingly from your bedroom window.
swirl and swirl and whirl and whirl,
oh snowstorm, you're insufferable.

an hour later comes the lull
a perfect peace so beautiful
snows float calmly, carelessly, spaced,
not whirling mad but full of grace.

blanket blanket all the land
until it's winter wonderland,
blanket blanket even me
until i'm white snowflake like thee.

it's midnight when we have our play
by buried hills and pine-trees covered
by the vap'rous miracles winter makes:
the darling snow-flakes!

and twilit moonlit evening-scape
turn thy eye up, my dear, and see!
the galaxies reel in cosmic play
and there's pisces of the eternal poet
and there the curtains of aetheric stardust drape
and bless and swim the nightsky space,
and see the milky moonbeams kiss thy hand?
how grand!

February 26, 2005

Added to MMM Sunday March 6, 2005.

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