Reformulating the Systems of Social Advancement to Expand the Thriving Well-being of All Life and Resolve Social Disparity and Discord

Swan's Reach
S a t u r n D r a g o n
The Vision: Universal Thriving Wellnes (UTW)
UTW Scope: The Ten Sights
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Ten Sights Institute of Social Cohesion (TSiSC) is a joint venture of Swan's Reach–whose work (at the societal level) is bridge-building to advance the shifts in social development needed for populations to exist cohesively across all differences; endeavors; and conditions,­ and for their economies to be in responsible service to life-giving systems of the universe; and S a t u r n  D r a g o n–a practice (at the interpersonal levels of social development) for cohesively interrelating as living beings through concerts of soul urges more so than through the living struggles populations experience. These ventures converge in TSiSC to ascertain which systems and formulas of social development enable populations to mature into states of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-being (UTW)in which all life exists cohesively and adaptively across any differences as a society of interdependent beings; harnessing the archetypal significance of their distinguishing gifts (spirit natures, soul urges, natural talents; and developed competencies); to expand common and aligned interests; which responsibly steward the life-serving systems of the regions they populate and migrate.

TSiSC arrives at its social change agenda by appraising the current state of this world as considerably holding up in the face of sweeping challenges to the living systems that are indispensible to its varied populations; additionally appraising evolving society as often unwarrantably contributing to those challenges through conventional efforts to advance itself...efforts that are increasingly deemed objectionable when there are imperatives embedded within them to exploit any population or vital resource in order to achieve their success objectives; and, finally, appraising the systems and formulas for succeeding within these conventions as a source of social disparity and unrest when a society over relies on them to the point of paralyzing its maturity into better states of being that can be maintained.
Social change agents working to steer this evolution on bearings of UTW insist that the formulas of these conventions be abandoned when dynamics reveal them as uncorrectable. Abandoned in favor of prescriptions capable of enabling imagined possibilities of interdependently thriving coexistence.
Those who are concerned about conditions of social disparity that are rooted in systemic imbalance, and are also able to envision beyond them to states of collective well-being, are urged to examine TSiSC’s main initiative, the Chevil Até Project, and consider joining one of its Abundance Leagues. Abundance Leagues are alliances of social change agents organizing to resolve (rather than merely ease) systematically unjust obstacles to UTW, instead of clashing, endlessly, with the actors of social injustice whom are incentivised, in nearly every field of venture, by disparity producing systems of social development and industry. By mapping efforts of re-imagining these systems so that they instead support thriving conditions for all life, Abundance Leagues are helping to foster the social development formulations and institutions that are the necessary anchors of UTW for populations to shift over to­–such as shifting to “communal asset resourcing” from the asset concentrating economic formulation of money systems; to “co-creative social encouragement and activation” from the persuasively influential formulations of leadership systems; and to “genius stewardships of civic contribution and collectively enabled living” from the workforce control formulations of labor systems (jobs). Anchors such as these are designed to untether social development from familiar conventions that systematically obstruct social cohesion and justice.
This strategy of refocusing social development on thriving rather than faltering systemic formulations also involves reconfiguring existing industries, enterprises, and other social constructs to be bridges from their often under serving and obsolete functions over to UTW functions that genuinely serve all…and even starting from scratch (where necessary) to develop radically different models of living that may not yet have been broadly conceptualized–such as communal asset; co-creative; and social stewardship commonwealths that are moneyless; leaderless; and jobless.