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Closing the Circle: Taking Gestalt To Asia, Paula Bottome 1997. The author, a disciple of Fritz Perls, went to Japan in the early 1980's to train Japanese therapists in Gestalt. She has created a very successful training school and expanded her training to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. This a personal narrative of her experiences. 300 pages $25.00. ISBN 0-931-425-25-7 To order


Jerusalem Moonlight: An American Zen Teacher Walks the Pasth of His Ancestors, Norman Fischer1995. Fischer is an established poet and abbott of the San Francisco Zen Center. This book combines his personal stories of a trip to Israel with his father and brother and a trip to Japan as a Buddhist priest. 190 pages $16.00. ISBN 0-931-425-46-8 To order


33 Fingers: A Collection of Modern American Koans, Michael Wenger 1994. Wenger, a priest and past president of San Francisco Zen Center, has taken thirty three statements and comments by Americans and used them in the traditional koan teaching format. Sources range from Swami Satchidananda to Yogi Berra. 62 pages $10.00. ISBN 0-931-425-35-2 To order


Down in Valley; Michael Snedeker 1992. A novel of prison life by a long time prison organizer. The Union of Civil Dead finds snowballing success --- its about trust, danger, pleasure and pain. 200 pages $10.00 ISBN 0-931-425-23-9 To order


Getting It Right: A Guide to Japanese Culture, James B. Brown 1992.A handbook developed to train Boeing employees on their way to live in Japan, by a long-time resident of Japan with deep and sparkling insight. 82 pages $10.00 ISBN 0-931-425-27-1 To order.

Six books by Michael Phillips,

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Commerce, Michael Phillips. 140 pages $20.00 ISBN 0-931-425-13-1 

Gods of Commerce: How Business Really Works, Michael Phillips. 184 pages $45.00 ISBN 0-931-425-03-4 (online)

Disarming Anti-Japanese Prejudice: A Guide for Japanese Business, Michael Phillips. 206 pages $25.00 ISBN 0-931-425-31-X

Simple Living Investments: For a Truly Secure and Adventurous Old Age, Michael Phillips and Catherine Campbell. 64 pages $6.00. ISBN 0-931-425-00-X

DisCourses: More Readings for Thinkers on Airplanes, Michael Phillips.146 pages $10.00 ISBN 0-931-425-19-0

Mental Snacks: Reading for Thinkers on Airplanes, Michael Phillips. 156 pages $10.00 ISBN 0-931-425-12-3


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