Michael (1938-) Phillips

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Author: (See books page)

The Seven Laws of Money (Random House, 1974)

The Seven Laws of Money (Shambala, 1993 minature edition)

Honest Business (Random House, 1981) *

Simple Living Investments (Clear Glass, 1984) *

Transaction Based Economics (Clear Glass, 1984) out of print: available on the WEB

A Citizen Legislature (Banyan Tree Books, 1985) * available on the WEB

Marketing Without Advertising (Nolo Press, 1986) * Revised 1997 * Revised 2001*Revised 2008

Mental Snacks (Clear Glass, 1987)

DisCourses (Clear Glass, 1989)

Disarming Anti-Japanese Prejudice: A Guide for Japanese Businesses (Clear Glass 1996)

Gods of Commerce: How Business Really Works (Clear Glass 1997)

Commerce (Clear Glass 2004) available on the WEB


*with co-authors

Articles: (See articles on-line)

Esquire, WET, Whole Earth Review, CoEvolution Quarterly

Utne Reader, PNP (Japan).

Monthly column in Japanese in Gaiko Forum September 2001-2004

Radio Producer:

Creator, producer and host of Social Thought, public radio, 1989-1998.

Reasons for starting the radio program.


You might know Michael Phillips from any of the following activities:



Bank of America, co-founder of the marketing research department. 1964-1968. Founder of the Bank PR and Marketing Research Association.
Bank of California Vice President, including a lawsuit to end
employment discrimination. 1968-71
President of Point Foundation (Whole Earth Catalog funds).
Business and Portfolio Manager of Glide Foundation. 1971-81
Creator of Cashets.com, an attempt at online micro-payments system, 2002-2004



Organizer of MasterCard (click for history), Corporate Cash Management and Simplified Checking Charges. 1966-70
Pioneer in international portfolio investment for non-profits.



President of SCOPE, a blue ribbon public education group to improve and integrate the S.F. public schools. Organized the first Educational Fair in 1964 which led to the creation of the Portola Institute and stimulated the Whole Earth Catalog. 1963
Active organizer of the Corporate Social Responsibility movement and was the first foundation social portfolio activist. 1971-1978. Convened the first national conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in 1972.
Organizer and lead plaintiff in the first and most influential class action on behalf of women and minorities. With Robert Gnaizda at Public Advocates as attorney, a settlement was reached in 1972 with five major banks and Savings & Loans. The settlement set affirmative action goals which put banking in the forefront of "equal employment" in the U.S. for the next quarter century.
Funded and helped organize the first national prostitutes union:
Coyote with Margo St. James. 1972
Funded and helped start the leading telephone sex switchboard, SFSI. 1973. Changed the policy of SIECUS (National Sex Education) to encourage an active sexual life.
Co-organizer of the 1st San Francisco International Book Fair, originally called The Friends of Books and Comics. 1973.
Founded the: International Committee for a New Planet. ICNP was the basis for bringing Swedes to theWest Coast to study new business models. Basis for funding Gerard ONeil's project to create a new planet at L-5. 1973
Founder of the Briarpatch Network. June 1974. The Briarpatch Network was the subject of the book Honest Business. After extensive training of organizers in Europe, from 1978-1984, the Briarpatch was brought back to the U.S. by the German Marshall Plan as Small Business Networking.
Started the Glide Third World Tours of San Francisco. 1975. This project was started during a strike by Grayline Tours and was the beginning of independent tour companies in San Francisco as well as neighborhood walking tours.
Organized a campaign to stop the anti-Japanese whaling ban
movement. 1976
Co-organizer of New Years Xmas tree burn on Ocean Beach. 1976. Burns on the beach continue to this day. Original inspiration for Burning Man.
Created 6th Street Park, the first public facility for poor black
alcoholics. 1978-81
Co-founded the Common Good School to provide advanced
training for community organizers. 1980
Co-founded The Noren Institute, a school for small businesses.
1981-87. Classes visited businesses. Source of the books: Marketing Without Advertising and Running a One Person Business.
Founded: The Project to Label Gene-Altered Food; 1992 Organized a national conference in 1996.
Co-founded The National Project to Stop Human Germline Engineering; 1998


Expert Witness for Minority Community:

Expert witness on business matters on behalf of consumer
rights and minority communities.
Working with Public Advocates, the Greenlining Coalition and
the Greenlining Institute.
Successful in winning many cases against AT&T, Pacific Bell,
Pacific Gas and Electric and major insurance companies.
1983 to present.


Business consultant -- Clients:

Newspapers, Airline, Banks, Consumer and Producer Co-ops, Swedish Royal Institute.
Major Womens' Clothing Designer, Ad Agency, Graphics, Building Maintenance, Electronic Suppliers, Banks, NTT. Partner in Dynax a Social Science Think Tank in Tokyo.
Department Stores, Computer Software, Manufacturing, Medical Equipment, Food, Education,
Publishing, Hotels, Arts, International Trade, World Bank.


Two case studies: Japan and Sweden




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