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Advanced Simple Living Twelve steps to understanding the deep meaning of the Simple Life. 26K


smalltrainAgainst Phillips A businessman criticizes Phillips and gives a good summary. 17K


American Genius Why has America emerged in the past half century as a creative source of global commerce? 24K


Anti-Amnesty International Find out what is wrong with international human rights.17K


Anti-Jewism in the U.S. Prejudice against Jews in the U.S. is exaggerated; history and perspective are helpful. 9K


Alt-Psychology The five hundred current modes of psychology overlook an obvious one. 9K


Armaggedon Science is being used to predict global disaster. Science has a poor record of prediction. 9K


smalltrainBad Neighborhoods Are Good For Us Possibly the only authentic experience on the planet to prove this thesis. Based on the Briarpatch. 27K


Civil Discourse The problems of American politics are not as hard to cure as we think. 17K


smalltrainClass Action Court Many of our social problems could be solved by better courts. 26K


Class in America Theories about class don't match our own observations. Ninety-six percent of America is not in a class. 9K


Cold War Thinking about the effect of the cold war on all aspects of American society. 17K


smalltrainCommunity DevelopmentClear business thinking about the subject. 17K


Creative and Extraordinary People The surprise from empirical research is that we are not alone. 9K


Dichotomies There are some core ideas in the social sciences that are new and useful. 20K

Downward Mobility More on Simple Living. 17K


Eco-I Ching The I Ching is great but it needs to be updated. 26K


smalltrainEconomics of Lying Deception has a high social cost in a commercial world. 17K


Ed Roberts There is a new form of leadership that can create a movement without creating opposition. 9K


Fugitive Movies A specific type of action movie reflects white collar life and corporate values. 9K


Future-No The future is not really a place we want to be. 17K


Gashho The new compassionate people in our society deserve recogition. 17K


Gene Problems Mendel's life was a foretaste of the current problems with genetic engineering. 17K


God the Organizer Without God, the prospect for social improvements are grim. 9K


Good Conversation Conversation skills turn out to be another great American invention. 9K


Health Records How do we improve our health? 9K


smalltrainManagement Phillips on management. A condensed version. 17K


smalltrainMoney Language There is bee language, sign language and money language.  Until you read this article the term money language probably won't make sense.  The file is pdf. 400K


The Message The message women send is not the sex message men receive. 9K


National Politics Losing Ground The political realm is shrinking while the commercial realm grows. 17K


On Knowledge I It is possible to define "knowledge" and to estimate the amount of knowledge that we have. 35k


On Knowledge II It is also possible to estimate the amount of knowledge that an individual might have. 9k


Political Action Committees-Yes One of the greatest inventions of modern American politics is the PAC. 17K


Population Blob Has anyone told you the good news --- the population bomb has been defused. Population growth has slowed down significantly. 17K


Proliferating Stop Signs Every year it takes longer to drive the same distance in San Francisco. Are drivers getting angry? Is something wrong with policy making? 9K


Rightlivelihood in the Industrial World Updating an old idea and applying it to daily work life. Not a happy subject. 17K


smalltrainRoot Values of Modern Commerce Some values are needed to sustain modernity and commerce. 12K


Science and Technology Technology often leads science and is a driving force in new knowledge. 17K


Spiritual I The word has a meaning but it is not what most people think. 17K


Spiritual II This is a generic sermon that hasn't changed in 5,000 years. 9K


Street People They may be with us the rest of our lives. 17K


Swedish ReUnion Sweden got a bum rap from President Eisenhower. Time for a re-examination. 17K


smalltrainTravel Notes: Las Vegas is the first pure "Industrial" City. If Cuba were the model, Communism would be thriving. 17K


Thinking Thinking is not what most people believe. It can be explicated and discussed. 17K


20 Lessons of the 20th Century. Each statement contradicts ideas prominently held at the beginning of the twentieth century. 17K


Understanding Ignorance A plea for caution in our free for all love of genetic engineering. 26K


smalltrainValues of Commerce Rush Limbaugh should be surprised at the real values of commerce. 26K


Whole is Less Than the Sum of its Parts. The world is often simpler than it might appear. 26K


Y1K What was the world like in the year 1,000? A global synopsis. 9K



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