Miscellaneous items related to Michael (1938) Phillips

(1) Some 2002 articles in draft
(2) Investment Advice for simple livers.
(3) As we hippies reach our fifties we are returning to our roots. The Hippy Manifesto is endorsed by the mother of "hippy", Salli Rasberry.
(4) Photos including some of his grand-daughters.
(5) Video clips, under 2 minutes long on Quicktime. Humorous.
(6) Articles removed in 2000 revision efforts.
(7) Cavalli-Sforza is wrong about Out-of-Africa. Most peoples came from Central Asia. The Vikings and the Japanese probably invaded the same territories in prehistory.
(8) Sample Gaiko Forum articles.
(9) His 1998 letter to the USDA as director of Project to Label Gen-Altered Food.
(10) Press material and a moral statement on the 1999 state of Human Genetic Engineering.
(11) The WTO may be a very positive organization.
(12) Blog
Blog Archives 12/2002 to 8/2003
(13) Dealing with an anti-Semitic friend.
(14) California Proposition 77 Reapportionment 2005
(15) Testimony for S.E.C. on executive compensation 2006.
(16) Summary of 12 main original ideas.

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