What does go on in the mind of a cat?

Kiki honored as a 'bobble-headed' cat.

The Cat's Field Notes.

My so-called owner and lab assistant, "The Big Kitty" occasionally hisses..."It's not fair. My cat has better papers than I do."



Kiki ondeck in Boulder, Colorado..

Graduate student life meant I had to study the classics. Here I conduct intensive research into Buddha's radient bliss index from my student lab. The University of Colorado at Boulder, is a well-known center for didactics channeling, sunny heat sinks, and crunchy snacks.

Snow depth investigations.

The Meow-Now News claims global warming is heating up the planet, but I trust what I can see before my nose. This overnight snowstorm in Boulder the winter of 2003 brought my outdoor research lab to a temporary halt.

Research resumes.

However, my studies soon continued and I accumulated more data on observed mean temperatures vis a vis heat absorption by black heat-trapping furry follicles over extended timelines.

Cold sink studies.

What would data be without a control group? Here I conduct my indoor temperature and "fit-to-fur" articulated contour study to determine comparative relative null-sun conditions, aka "Heat Sink vs. Cool Sinks Comparative Studies." If only this research came with the promised lab rats and test bunnies. So far, I have not received funding for these necessary items, but a cat can dream, can't she?

You graduated? We are leaving?

The Big Kitten apparantly graduated, so I had to call my research to a temporary halt...What's that? You'll come get me in seven months? Fine...What is a month? You just go hunting for more cat chow while I enjoy the fine feline care of Loveland, Colorado's esteemed Cat House.* . (Seven months later...) You're back! What? You chased down another research grant? Where are we going? Japan? Is it nearby? Most importantly, what kind of cat snacks will I find there?

*Kiki's pawnote: The Cat House, 3523 S Taft Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537- 2640. USA. (970) 663-1103. They only board cats so I was not bothered by any silly dog creatures. The vet was quite nice and I felt fine after whatever it was she did. I especially enjoyed the Cat House's caged and desperate parakeets to whom I sent my culinary longings from my nearby window seat. I even had my own window to watch the birds outdoors, then the snow fall and melt. Quite entertaining. Lab research was placed in recess for the duration, though.

Lab inspection.

The Big Kitten returned, and subjected me to a short containment series trial. I experienced quite a rapid turnover of shaking, noise, and scent calvacades from the safety of small, movable labroom. I issued my report in situ. Fortunately, that trial ended with this happy result: my new Japanese lab bunker. Facilities are a bit smaller than the CU labs, but much larger than the Cat House compound. Once more, I must inquire: "Where is my staff? Where are the lab mice and the test bunnies?" Was my grant request for them rejected once more? In lieu of staff, I shall make do with the local delicacies who periodically wander in. Snack time!

Looking outside.

This might not be too awful. I must continue to train the Big Kitty in her duties, though.


It is quite exhausting directing the Big Kitty.

another day on the way.

What do people think about? The Big Kitty spends an admirable amount of time staring at a small, flat, detachable bit of wall and playing with her immortal mouse. What do cats think about? I pretty much dream of perfecting my fur, the crunchablity index of birds, and where next to sleep. I remain dedicated to ongoing research into variables of temperature and surficial cushioning qualities, conveniently located throughout my new lab kingdom. Happily, Japan is well stocked with an intriguing range of tasty dried fish, slivers of dry tuna, and endless varieties of little cat-chow snacks. The lab comes equipped with a loft from which I can keep a cats'eye on the Big Kitty. Thanks to my usual and well deserved 21-hours a day of cat naps, my publication from The Catspaw Press is right on cat-schedule.

Japanese Cat News

Jizake & Yakitori Dining

Clearly, another cat has gone into business. This cat bistro features local saké and yakitori. I must visit and pay my compliments. Wishing you Happy Whiskers. ~Kiki the Bombay Cat, MA

*MA: Mice Analyst.