It is your right to bear a camera anywhere in Japan.

Buddha on a gravestone.

Tokyo Life




2006 New Year's Eve at Roppongi's Mori Towers. Tokyo Tower on the left. When I lived at Kachidoki I gazed upon the other side. Now, I'm looking 180-degrees on the other side. Somehow, this seems like my life in Japan. Beautiful from both directions.

toalex1. 2000.

Alex and I in 2000 at a terrific dinner in Ebisu. Great friends and great there anything better? Not much!

tokachigal. 2000.

Kachidoki, near Tsukiji. I lived there from about 1998-200. This lovely gal was down the street in her family's saké-ya, which was at least 100 years old. There is something appealing about her honest, open face. I'm going back soon to see if she is still there. Chances are good!

tolbluesuit. Oct. 31, 2000.

At the end of round two in Tokyo, I spent Halloween Day in Tsukiji. This man sold the blue cotton yukata & pants outfits that are the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, and always compliments the wearer. He's basking in the autumn sun in his wicker chair in his own little kingdom.

tolbigbike1. Oct. 31, 2000.

Tsukiji's iconic big bike. Super heavy and super heavy duty. Made to carry frozen fish and your entire life. Unpretensious, draft-horse sturdy, and registered to the shop with their phone number. Have you ever seen a kick-stand that looked like a newspaper stand? The water bottle shoved in under the seat shows casual can-do attitude.

Hibiscus and roof.

A walk in the Okutama mountains of far western Tokyo. Hibiscus and a farm house roof.

Patricia in the Iwama dojo genkan, October 2001. Take my picture in front of these famous photos. I just loved this place.

Fast udon. A Tokyo iconographic experience.

My favorite all-night stand-up salaryman's delight udon stand, just outside of Yurakucho station. It was there in September, 2000, and during my 2004 visit. Now, it is GONE and replaced by some more modern wonder. My tears salt my udon at the loss.

Mirrors at the Museum. 07apr2.

Why I like to go to museums. Outside the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art, just outside the palace moat, an arrangement of multiple curved mirrors.

Japlish Corner

On the paper cups at work
  Hug & Kiss Taste (title of this line of cups)
  Line of small cup (2 inches below rim)
    "The flowers are blooming pretty.
    The garden has homey feel about it.
    Shall we Refresh with open air?"