Tokyo Stories. Short stories of peculiar moments in Japan.

A singer in a street band in Shibuya.

Tokyo Stories



Life in Japan wasn't what I expected at all!
Why, just the other day this happened to me...


  1. Dancing in the Streets

  2. Enka Star

  3. Atomic Aikido

  4. Racket Attack

  5. Sonny's Suitcase

  6. Blending with Traffic

  7. Sakura Time in Samurai Land

  8. Tsukiji-a Fish Tale

  9. Gokiburi Comedy Show

  10. Pink Phones

  11. Bread

After some five years in Colorado, I am back in Japan...


Japlish Corner

Sold in conveni-ya, Adds padding to an overly flat Japanese derrierre. Astonishing graphic on cover. Shows woman grabbing her "hips" to massage the thing into place.

"Hip Make"