A Few Interesting Things

"Early in my life, being very sure of my star,
I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility.
I chose honest arrogance and I'm still at it."
--Frank Lloyd Wright

About Sailing

"Sailboat racing is not a matter of life and death.
It's much more serious than that."

About Publishing

I am an editor for Ziff Davis Press, an imprint of Que, a division of Macmillan Computer Publishing, etc, ad naseum. My corporate card says "Simon and Schuster." I love books.

About Me

I live in San Francisco, California and spend my time working with books and sailing. I sail on many boats including Jack's Back, an Olson 30, and the Merit 25 Twilight Zone. I graduated from Guymon High School in Guymon, Oklahoma in 1985 and from Oklahoma State University in 1990. (Yeah, so I took 5 years, give me a break, I was in J-school on a music scholarship.)

My name is Renee Wilmeth and this is my very tidy personal web page.
I can be reached at rwilmeth@well.com.

This page last updated April 25, 1997