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The Year 2009 in Tarot: Justice

Barack Obama’s Tarot Profile

Hillary Clinton’s Tarot Profile

The Year 2008 in Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune

Fate, the Future and Foretelling: A Few Tarot F.A.Q.’s

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From the Summer 2005 issue of Reclaiming Quarterly:
Tarot Spellwork
Tarot Deck Reviews: The Housewives Tarot

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The Coming Year in Tarot - 2004: The Lovers

The Coming Year in Tarot - 2005: The Chariot

The Coming Year in Tarot - 2006: Strength

The Year 2007 in Tarot: The Hermit

Thank you to everyone who requested that my past articles for Innerchange Magazine be restored! My articles from the past five years are now combined into one PDF file that can now be safely and easily downloaded. Just click here or at any of the following links.

These articles include my series about The Fool’s Journey, which offers an overview of the “Great Journey” as depicted by the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and how to understand that metaphor on a more personal level by working with your own Tarot Birthday Profile.

I have restored Part One here on my website,
so you can have an idea of what the series covers.

The Fool’s Journey Begins, Overview, Part 1 June/July 2003

The Fool’s Journey, Part 2 August/September 2003

Part 3: Creative Power and Authority October/November 2003

Part 4: The Fool’s Lessons of Love and Wisdom December 2003/January 2004

Part 5: Facing the Shadows - How the Tarot Illuminates our Soul’s Journey Feb/March 2004:

Part 6: Turning Points: The Tarot Journey’s Next Level April/May 2004

Part 7: Lessons from the Nighttime Cards - The Journey’s End June/July 2004

The Proper Questions - How to Ask, So That the Tarot Can Answer

The additional articles are from my Tarot Through the Seasons series in Innerchange. The suits of the Tarot have much to teach us about the Wheel of the Year.

The Wands of Summer

The Court Cards of Summer

The Chalice of Autumn’s Longing

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