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this address is no longer active. If you have gotten here through old bookmarks, please update them and join me at my beautiful new location:

Thanks and blessings!

Raleigh, NC
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My next visits to Dancing Moon for readings will be:

Friday, Nov. 13
Saturday, Nov. 28

I am available from 11:30am to 6:30m, for half-hour and full hour readings. Although I welcome and accommodate walk-ins when possible, to avoid delays or disappointment, I strongly recommend that you make an appointment by calling Dancing Moon at (919) 833-8081

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Final Tarot Class of the Autumn

Reading for Others: Advanced Tarot Practice

Only offered every year or two, don't miss this opportunity!
Either or both of my introductory classes are required.
Saturday, November 7
1 - 6 pm
For details, please go here.

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