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Because of the volume of mail I receive, I've created this page and my FAQ page to address the most commonly-requested information. Before emailing me, please read everything on this page and in my FAQ. You'll help me serve you better and stay sane. :-) Thank you. I will not answer email asking me questions that are answered here and in my FAQ.  

Shamanic Training
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Spiritual Counseling
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I offer shamanic training in weekend long events in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and through tele-seminars (classes by phone giving you the benefits of 3rd Road training wherever you live. All you need is your telephone.). For further information, see Third Road Training.

To be kept abreast of my classes and other events, go here to get on my mailing list. You'll also receive my free newsletters, book release announcements, and information about book-signings and other appearances. Be assured that being on my mailing list is confidential and safe: I do not sell or share any information.

As a spiritual counselor, I provide professional psychic readings (also called shamanic counseling) by phone for people all over the world. For information about making an appointment and the benefits you gain from this service, go here.

For do-it-yourself Shamanic training in Celtic Faerie Wicca, use one of my books:

If you're here because you're drawn to my approach, my first book, Be a Goddess!, may address your needs. Sometimes I couldn't help folks who wrote asking, "Where can I find more?" or, "How can I become a Faerie Witch?" Now it is wonderful to say, "I wrote a whole book just for you!"

My more recent book, Goddess Initiation, is a year-long program that helps you find and strengthen your own special magic, own special wisdoms, and own special talents, and thereby create a better world for your self, and everyone else.

Finally. After lotsa email from young adults with gads of questions, from fun ones to really serious issues, I got this book written -- Be a Teen Goddess! Magical Charms, Spells, and Wiccan Wisdom for the Wild Ride of Life addresses the wild ride of life from school to love, sass to sex. 

I welcome queries about media appearances. It is a fun way I can serve community, and my life is about service and fun! I've been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and Cosmopolitan. I've also hosted radio on an ABC subsidiary, and appeared on national TV (21 major U.S. markets) on the Iyanla show. VCR footage is available. If your media needs are time-sensitive, call 415-750-1205 or (814) 337-2490 because I see my email only once a week.

Read my submission guidelines before submitting your work to my on-line Grimoire.

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