KPFK Transmitter and Antenna Project
August, 2001 - June, 2002

KPFK, Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles, is being rebuilt.
The first portion of the project is the transmitter site.
The following link menu will guide you to the various portions of the project:

Our nice refurbished CCA 20KW transmitter in it's temporary home The first photo (left) is the temporary shelter. Inside, you can see the backup CCA 20,000 E transmitter.

The first part of the project was to install the backup transmitter into the temporary shelter behind the tower. After we finished, it was time to install the backup antenna.

The Shively 6814 antenna , before assembly Shively 6814 before attachment to the feed line

Rusty Hignite doing the assembly Rusty attaching the upper radome cover

The antenna, fully assembled and ready for installation The antenna is on it's back, ready to go

Rusty drilling the mounting bracket Rusty drills the L brackets with one big drill

Rusty assembling the mounting bracket Custom built L brackets hold the 3 1/2 inch support pole

The mounting bracket, on it's way up Pole assembly on it's way to the top

The Shively 6814 antenna, on it's way up Up it goes!

The antenna about half-way up Hanging by a thread, easy does it!

At the top, getting set for mounting to the new monopole At 350+ pounds, it's not easy to put in into place

Lifting it into place (where's my wrench?) One U-Bolt in, two to go!

How about that foot rest? Not much room up here!

The view from 170 feet It's a long way down

Looking down past the old antenna and the transmitter building below Note the ice damage to the roof

The wall of steel, Mt. Wilson Electronic Site, California That's about 18 million watts right in the viewfinder

The view of the project from 1/4 mile away on Video Road.
The tower with the round lump at the top is the KPFK tower. Red Box Canyon Road sites

Shively 6814 matching transformer, on top of the tower Adjust it once, then leave it alone!

The new antenna at the top of the KPFK tower. Shively 6814 pole mount

Looking towards North Hollywood past the STL grid antenna Above the smog

This is the first set of photos in the series. The next part of the project was to remove all old feedlines, antennas and mounting brackets. After that we added the new four-bay super high power antenna, which was built and tested by Jampro Antenna Company of Sacramento, California. The next part of the project is to rebuild the transmitter building and install the new KPFK transmitter system.

KPFK operates at 90.7 Mhz with 112,000 watts, 5900 feet above sea level and 5600 feet above Los Angeles, California.

For more about Mt. Wilson, check out my pages about the mountain here.

For additional views of Mt. Wilson from the top of the KPFK tower, go here.

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