Vee Nyah Culton
"A showing how affective fiction can be on the consumer"

Terrell Davis
"In real life, we are mundane and realistic, whereas in the digital realm, we are the constructors of reality..."

Adriana Guillen Santalla
"...the music speaks for itself and the 70s didn't have MTV to play their music videos over and over again."

Samuel Han
"...For example.. There is a road with a weird but beautiful viewpoint; You can see strange combination of Navy pier, the lake, buildings, and construction site..."

Xavier Hughes
"I intend to challenge definitions and norms of the classic museum."

Yoon Joong Hwang
"a storybook of my friend (of course with his consent on usage of photos and social media)...based on his Facebook timeline".

Olivia Paige Johnson
"...enhancing the collaborative nature of the project. All the playlists are public and allow other users to add on."