Information and Commentary on the Eastshore State Park and the Planning Process

Central Bay Mitigation Planning
Major changes in the North Sailing Basin as mitigation for the new east span of the Bay Bridge,

Notes from BCDC Bay Plan policies
The Bay Conservation and Development Commission weighs in.

Letter to the California Dept. of Fish and Game
Regarding some questionable science in the ESP EIR.

The City of Berkeley's official comments on the Draft EIR
From City Staff to State Parks, with my markups.

BDA responds to the Sierra Club
Berkeley Design Advocates challenges the Yodeler
BDA comments on the EIR
Berkeley Design Advocates on the EIR
The BDA position on the Eastshore State Park
Berkeley Design Advocates in a letter to the Mayor, Council, and Commissions.

Mayor Shirley Dean on playing fields in the park
Appearing in the Berkeley Daily Planet on August 28 2002.

How to fix the Preliminary General Plan
A new proposal, based on public reaction at workshop #4.

Comments on the Preliminary General Plan
Including the response of the EBRPD Board of Directors.

The City of Berkeley Staff Report
Prepared for the April 30 joint meeting of the City Council, Waterfront Commission and Parks & Rec Commission.

Water-Borne Recreation: The Environmental Imperative
Why facilities to support non-motorized boating in the Eastshore State Park will be environmentally sound.

The Draft Preferred Park Concept
as released by WRT and the planning team on March 8 2002. There's a lot to like, and only a few nits to pick.

Excerpts from Berkeley's 1986 Waterfront Plan
Official City policy on boating faciltities in the North Sailing Basin.

The legislative and constitutional mandate for recreatonal water access
Jim McGrath's letter to LSA concerning the scope of the EIR.

CPAC: Coalition for Park Access and Conservation
A new coalition advocating diverse uses of the East Bay shoreline.

Site Plans for the Eastshore State Park
Preliminary sketches of what the Eastshore State Park might look like under the CPAC guidelines. (Not yet officially endorsed by CPAC.)

Fielding on Fields
Doug Fielding's letter to the Eastshore State Park planners.

Why dragon boats?
Shirley Gee makes the case.

Short-term access for Dragon Boats and Outriggers
A proposal to begin a new growth cycle in the Berkeley Marina.

The barrier berm on the North Basin Strip
A short photo essay (and failure to find a view worth fighting for).

Where are the diving ducks?
Answer: everywhere!

Diving Ducks of the Pacific Flyway
An overview by Ducks Unlimited.

Save the Bay's "vision" for the Eastshore State Park
Commentary on Save the Bay's Vision document

Daylighting the creeks
Two proposals to extend and open the Schoolhouse and Strawberry creekbeds.

Letter to the East Bay Regional Park District Board

Comments on the September 24 workshop

Land and Water Use Guidelines for the Eastshore State Park
The Berkeley Waterfront Commission recommendations.

A Proposal for the Albany Portion of the Eastshore State Park
Albany's plan from 1995.

What do windsurfers really want?
A good summary of the Point Isabel situation by Booker C. Bense

open letters to the paddling, rowing, windsurfing, and sailing communities
Including updates on the latest hearings and planning sessions.

Preserving the East Bay Shoreline: What are we Really Trading Away?
Responding to The Yodeler, August 2001.

The Eastshore State Park and the Five Naked Emperors
My comments on the Eastshore State Park and CESP's Goals and Policies, from June 1999.

Eastshore State Park random photo gallery
Photos of creek ouflows in the Eastshore State Park
Photos of Albany Beach
The Berkeley Waterfront Photo of the Week

Timeline for the Eastshore State Park planning process

The State Park Unit Classification system
And the consultants' recommendation is: State Park.
The planning consultant's website supporting the public planning process.
An online forum for public comment on the consultant's website.
Record of Public Comments as of April 16, 2001
(And virtually every comment is from an advocate of water-related activities.)

The East Bay Regional Park District's Website for the Eastshore State Park
Including small-scale maps and a project overview.

The Sierra Club Plan: have we overshot our goals?
A critical review of the Sierra Club's plan of February 2001.

Technical report on small craft operation in the Eastshore State Park
An objective look at opportunities and limitations, with pictures.

Latest bathymetric data and chart for the North Sailing Basin

The Measure Q lands: How much development, and under what terms?
A letter from the Sierra Club, my response, and analysis by the City Attorney.

Archived Policy Documents and Commentary. Especially Commentary...