Billy and the Troll
"...the sun came over the horizon just then turning the troll to stone." Grandpa closed the book,"You know billy, these hills are said to be home to a troll or two. You be careful or you may meet one."
Billy perked at that. He found the idea of meeting a real life troll exciting.
"What would you do Grandpa? "Billy asked.
"Why I'd invite him for tea and biscuits."
"Do you... do you think I'll ever see a troll. "Billy asked, eyes filled with wonder.
"You never know, especially here."
"Stop filling his head with that nonsense, "Billy's father said,"He'll have nightmares."
"I think you underestimate Billy."
"We'd better get going dear," Billy's mother said, "you two take care."
Soon after Billy's parents left Grandpa climbed into the easy chair and fell asleep leaving Billy alone. Which suited Billy just fine. He wanted to go looking for trolls. Billy put on his coat and went into the woods. It was dark but Billy, filled with curiosity, was not afraid. After about an hour in the woods he heard a menacing voice.
"Well, little one, welcome to my home. Your just in time for dinner."
Billy turned around and saw a large misshapen creature with jagged yellow teeth, yellower eyes, and coarse green-grey skin. It had to be a troll. Billy was overjoyed, a real life troll. But he had to be sure, so he turned to the troll.
"Are you a real troll?"
"Am I a real troll?" the troll looked amuse, "why yes, I am. What did you think I was?"
"Well," said Billy, "I just wanted to be sure."
The troll laughed.
"Would you like to come back to my house for uh.. tea or chocolate milk or something?"
The troll looked puzzled, "You're going to take me back to your home?"
"Yes," Billy answered.
The troll couldn't believe his ears. This foolish human was actually going to lead him to the boy's home.
"By all means boy, lead on."
Billy was as happy as could be. He couldn't believe it. Here he was with a real life troll. Billy couldn't wait until he told his friends at school. Maybe the troll would come to school with him. Then he wouldn't get picked on when they saw he had a troll for a friend.
The troll was rather excited too. He couldn't believe it. The troll would feast for days on Billy's family. So both the troll and Billy, happy as could be, went through the forest until they reached billy's house. Billy led the troll into the kitchen and turned on the lights... the fluorescent lights.
When Billy's parents got home they found Grandpa asleep in the easy chair and Billy.... Billy was sitting in the kitchen with that guilty expression children wear when they'd done something wrong. And... they saw the stone statue of a troll in their kitchen.