a happy story
"I'm looking for happiness," Lee announced one day to no one in particular, which was just as well seeing as no one else was around.
"Where does one look for happiness?" Lee asked, once again to no one in particular which was... well you know the rest.
"Try the lost and found," no one in particular answered.
"Great idea!" Lee exclaimed and set out on his way, "But wait. where will I find the lost and found? "Lee asked no one in particular which was just as well seeing as no one else was around.
"Let your fingers do the walking, "no one else said.
"Ah, okay," Lee said getting on his fingers and sure enough they knew which way they wanted to go ,which just happened to be the way in which to prevent them from breaking. Well, soon enough Lee arrived at the lost and found.
"Excuse me." Lee said to the man behind the counter, "Do you know where I can find happiness."
The man behind the desk rolled his eyes in Lee's direction,"Do I look like I know where to find happiness. You may notice that the first word on this booth is LOST. I'm lost. Lost in the quagmire of modern life. Sunk into the cesspool of quasi-civilization and anti-culture. I work nine to five day in day out. I get paid peanuts."
The man behind the desk pulled out a hand full of peanuts from his pocket to show Lee.
"Peanuts from Purgatory and not even a single walnut in the bunch..."
Lee hurried off as he realized that no happiness was to be found here.
"Oh no, now where will I find happiness?" Lee cried out to no one in particular.
"Try a shopping mall,"no one in particular said,"they have everything these days."
"Great idea!"Lee exclaimed to no one in particular. Which served only to inflate no one in particular's ego.
Lee went into the shopping mall. But it was big. There were lines of shops from side to side from upside to downside too upside downside and here to there and everywhere.
"Where will we start!"Lee exclaimed in dismay to no one in particular.
"Try information," said no one in particular.
Lee went up to the information desk,"Hello I'd like information."
"Speaking,"Information said.
"Where can I find happiness?"Lee asked.
"I thought you said you wanted information,"Information said.
"I did." Lee replied.
"Speaking,"Information said.
Lee once again departed quickly, realizing that Information couldn't help him find happiness.
Lee went into a shop.
"Hello I'm looking for happiness,"Lee said.
The salesperson turned to Lee,"Then you want this extremely expensive frivolous coat. Then not only will you look like happiness. But you will be happiness. And only for the extraordinarily large price of..."
Lee ran out of the shop quickly. He hadn't counted on having to spend money to find happiness. This was really confusing.
"I'm confused,"Lee said to no one in particular.
"I'll say," no one in particular said.'
"Where can I find happiness?"Lee once more asked of no one in particular.
"Try main street, everything passes through there eventually. Maybe you can catch it as it passes by."
So Lee went to main street but saw no signs of happiness.
"Where is happiness?"Lee asked the street people.
"Happiness has already passed us by," said the street people.
"Well where can I find it?"Lee asked.
The street people pointed to the great skyscraper which crawled ever skyward casting it's shadow on the street below.
Lee went into the skyscraper and went up and up and up (there were a lot of stairs)., then he found the man behind the big desk.
"Excuse me, do you know where I can find happiness?"Lee asked.
"Do I look like I have time for happiness?" the man behind the desk asked.
Lee opened his mouth to reply but The man behind the big desk cut him off.
"Doesn't this red tape mean anything to you,"the man behind the desk said while unrolling it and flinging it at Lee,"we don't have time for happiness, we have to process, litigate, file, rank, rile, produce ,disuse and abuse. ASAP!"
Lee fled the onrush of tape. Once free of the man behind the desk and his red tape he sighed in defeat.
"How will I find happiness?"Lee cried in desperation to no one in particular.
"Try the Sage,"no one in particular said as there was no one else around.
"But where do I find him?"Lee asked.
"On the ledge looking at the sky,"No one else said.
So Lee crawled out onto the ledge, and sure enough there was the Sage looking at the sky.
"Where can I find happiness?"Lee asked.
"Do you have a friend?"the Sage asked.
"Yes,"Lee replied.
"Then give your friend a hug,"the sage said.
So Lee went to his friend and gave his friend a hug and his friend returned the hug. And Lee knew happiness.