Blanketman's Valentine Adventure
The Kitchen was silent. Shadows fluttered about the stove and from behind and beneath the refrigerator. The cookie jar stood framed in the moonlight. A likely target for any cookie thief. This was a job for ... Blanketman.

Leaping from the shadows in his white skivvies, and blue blanket. Blanketman landed in the center of the kitchen glided coolly on his socks across the linoleum and grabbed the endangered jar... for safe keeping of course.

Bouncing onto the rug, Blanketman ran swiftly past the half-opened door to the basement (where the terrible thing that went bump lived) and up the stairs.

Closing quickly the door to his room, Blanketman rushed to the closet. By standing tippy-toed on the chair, Blanketman was able to put the cookie jar on the upper shelf thereby insuring it's safety from potential cookie thieves.

Suddenly, and unexpectedly, from the rear of the closet a small shape leapt and pounced on the precariously balanced Blanketman. Crash!! Down came chair, hero, shape and alas the cookie jar.

"Tigs! Look what you've done."
The cat grinned and bounced excitedly.
"That was not good." Blanketman said firmly as a hero should.
Tigs bowed her head.
"What did you want anyway?"

Tigs licked the side of Blanketman's face.
"Ugh! Why are you getting mushy you silly cat? Can't you see I'm on an important mission?"
Tigs walked over to the calendar, on the floor, and sat on it.
"You want me to look at the calendar? Okay."
The date was February 14th.

"Valentine's day! You want me to get you a valentine?"
Tigs grinned and bounced excitedly.
Blanketman had to think, because Blanketman was broke. Maybe if he got his allowance before the cookie jar was dis...
"Where's the cookie jar?" Called the voice of mom.
"Come on Tigs let's go get you a valentine. If I get mom one too, maybe she won't be so mad."

Streaking like lightning, Blanketman made for the window. Climbing down the Ivy ladder, Blanketman and Tigs make their break for freedom. Across the yard they went and over the fence into the yard of the dreaded Miss Thelma; terror of children everywhere.

But Blanketman was not afraid. He had come to liberate the valentines from the vile Miss Thelma. Stalking with all the weariness of a panther, Blanketman and his faithful companion Tigs made their way into the dreaded dungeons of the horrible and deranged Miss Thelma.

There they were, the poor defenseless carnations , half buried in the dirt by the machinations of the dread Miss Thelma. Blanketman began the task of liberating them from their captivity.

Suddenly appearing in the window was a very surprised Miss Thelma.

"Hey! What are you doing in my garden?! Where are your clothes? You come here young man."

With dazzling speed Blanketman, with the carnations and his faithful companion Tigs, climbed the great wall and made for the Blanketcave/Tower of Solitude.
Letting the screendoor slam behind him, and Tigs of course, Blanketman leapt into the kitchen; sliding not so coolly across the floor.

"Where have you been?" Mom inquired.
"Blanketman brought you a valentine."
Mom looked at the uprooted carnations that were leaving dirt on her kitchen floor.
"They're very nice dear, let me put them in a vase."
Blanketman took this cue to exit; a job well done. Once back in the Blanketcave/Fortress of solitude Tigs looked a little sad.

"Oh, I gave the whole valentine to mom. I'm sorry Tigs. You're still my friend."
Blanketman hugged the cat.
"Here have a cookie."
And so Blanketman and his faithful companion Tigs were content with their chocolate cookies.