Blanketman and the Broom Closet of Doom
The aroma of fresh baked cookies filled the air of the kitchen. Such an aroma would attract cookie thieves from miles around. Therefore it was time for Blanketman to take action. Slithering stealthily down the carpeted stairway on his stomach, our fearless hero made his way to the kitchen. From the living room could be heard the voice of Dad, the strange villain with the noose around his neck. A potential cookie thief if ever Blanketman had seen one. So, slipping through the pantry and sliding quietly across the linoleum Blanketman came to rescue the cookies from the jar that the wicked parents had locked them into.

Footfalls interrupted Blanketman's liberation of the cookies. It could only be the dreaded Dad. With cookies in hand Blanketman streaked for the safety of the stairs.

"Dear," the voice of Dad called, "the boy's running around in his underwear and that blanket again."

Blanketman, knowing his secret identity to be in jeopardy fled for the Blanketcave/Fortress of Solitude. Though, little did he know that within his Sanctuary something lurked waiting. Taking the Jar he stashed it under the bed, and stashed one into his mouth for reward. With a sudden cry a furry figure leapt through the air landing squarely on the bed.

"Tigs!" Blanketman cried out in surprise, "Oh, I guess you want a cookie too."

Being the good and generous hero he was he gave Tigs one of the cookies.

"Dear, what are you doing?" Called the voice of mom. A voice that was soon followed by footfalls in the hallway. Blanketman, thinking quickly slipped out the window and climbed down the ivy ladder.

"I could of sworn he came in here," he could hear the voice of Mom speak from the room up above. But Blanketman was streaking across the yard, with his faithful companion, Tigs, in tow. Soon he was over the fence and into the real of the dreaded Ms. Thelma, terror of children everywhere. Making his way quickly and quietly, he crossed the yard and went over the opposite fence into the local park. Where he came upon a surprised group of kids.

"Greetings citizens, I am Blanketman."
The other kids were too stunned to speak.
"He's in his underwear." One of the kids said.
"You're who?" Another kid ventured.
"I'm Blanketman."
"Are you a Superhero?" The same kid asked.
"Of course I am." Blanketman replied, "What can I do for you?"
"You could get our ball back." One of the kids said, "Ms. Thelma keeps all the balls that end up in the yard."
"Have no fear citizens, I'll get your balls for you. I have faced the dreaded Ms. Thelma before and emerged victorious." With that Blanketman turned and once more scaled the fence into the yard of the dreaded Ms. Thelma.
"Boy, that was one weird kid." The kid said, and the others nodded.

Blanketman and Tigs, snuck through the flower bed of the vile Ms. Thelma and then onto the back porch. So far there had been no sign of her. With great daring he took hold of the door knob and opened the door. The musty smell bespoke a terrible lair. Always in the past Blanketman had faced the dreaded Ms. Thelma out in the open. Now he was going to actually dare to enter her lair. Blanketman went inside, but he noticed that Tigs had not followed him.
"Tigs, what are you doing? We must go inside to liberate the balls from the dreaded Ms. Thelma."
Tigs just stood there.
"You don't want to be a fraidy cat do you? Then you better come on."
Tigs followed meekly and timidly behind Blanketman. They walked down a long hallway. Soon they found themselves in the Livingroom of the dreaded Ms. Thelma, and there she was on her rocking chair. Blanketman and Tigs froze and were grateful that Ms. Thelma was facing the other way, mesmerized by the glow of the television. Tigs and Blanketman slowly turned and went back down the hallway.

Blanketman was stricken with the feeling of defeat. He had failed in his mission to save the balls. Then he noticed that Tigs was sniffing at a door in the middle of the hallway.
"What is it Tigs? What have you found?"
Blanketman opened the door and found it to be a broom closet, but on the top shelf there was a box.
"Good work Tigs, I'll bet that box is where the balls are."

Grabbing onto the mop, Blanketman began to shiny his way up to the box above. As he reached the top he could grasp the box, but... suddenly the mop gave way and Blanketman came down pulling the box with him. Crash! Balls everywhere. And Tigs and Blanketman there in the middle of all of them. Quickly, he grabbed the closest ball and ran for the backdoor. He and his companion bounded out the backdoor and down the stairs. The kids in the park let out a cheer when the saw him. With a mighty heft, Blanketman through the ball over the fence to the eager kids. Then turning he and Tigs made a hasty retreat to the Blanketcave/Fortress of Solitude. As the reached the fence he could hear the voice of the dreaded Ms. Thelma.
"You crazy kid, stay out of my house... and put some clothes on."
After another brief climb, Blanketman and Tigs returned to the safety of the Blanketcave/Fortress of Solitude.
"We did good Tigs."
Tigs grinned.
"Yeah, I guess you're right. We'd better have some cookies."

But when he reached under the bed he discovered that the cookies were gone.
"Someone has taken the cookies, this looks like a job for Blanketman!"

"And Tigs." Blanketman added. Together they set off to find the villains behind this latest cookie-napping.
A hero's work, after all, is never done.