Is this where love has fled today that which once, In full bloom filled the heart and thrilled the soul that sang to spirit and rang to mind
this is the love we lost today.
whether by accident or foul play the heart is empty the soul is silent the spirit is shriveled the love is...
when love is lost how can the whole world be
that which walks heedlessly on uncaring, unseeing, unmoving, unfeeling and alas most of all unloving
these are the things of which I feel
A pain, a rage, and a despair to dread my innermost soul once a thing of love floating lighter than air
Now be it dragged down
beneath the mire of ones tears where once there had been two one had been thine; the remaining is mine
The tears, too , are mine
and mine alone For alone I am and alone I'll be
My heart shakes and my soul shudders
My spirit quivers with my innermost... Disquieted feelings bubbling forth there to boil and take hold.
Cast me to the shadows
a form of quivering flesh a harder quaking soul A bundle of misery, despair, and woe.
How can I again walk in the light
without the light of thine to comfort and to behold me who has fallen even in the realm of dream. and hope...