What life have they left

those lost in the blast
of pain fallen like rain
our power of the hour
a cry does come the sky
a crane of death and pain
a hail of hell and then
a heart stopped in the start

Those killed may cry at will

their kids lost in dead air
the skies with death sing high

the sighs of those who cry
may sound upon the soul
lay spirit to the day
their hearts, sad have grown dark
thy harp sings, eye for eye

When the winds of war still

break worn the hearts forlorn
the doom of their deaths dawn
fall dark in my hearts wall
I sing the song of thine

a soul undone with woe
the blood of lives bled done
those blown in house and home

Must we not win the trust

of wills lost in the hills
is life once lost afterlife?
is love not worth a dove
must war be won for lust
of wins mounted in sins
of souls once sown, now gone
our sins for blood will win

The doom of death does loom

a dim reminder in
the hearts of hope now dark
the hell of oils great sell
was peace so poor a feast
or war so great for more
fill my heart mind and soul
with more sad sights of war

lest mine own mind forget

the main cause of the pain
the dread choice that wrought death
and doom upon the sand
where death and doom were one
they die, why don't we cry
A sad song sings today
for souls done we have sung
Drotkueat "Heroes Meter" 3/9/91