For Eleanor Lynch McDonnough; dead after 20 years of Alzheimer.

Scream to the sky Sound from the heart
Heaven ward hurled
Cry for the sanity cry Call on the sky

the God now gone mad

Judge the injustice Jehovah has reaped

the sorrow, the sadness
See now the soul so terribly dismembered

torn bit by bit gone

Bled is the blood a blow remembered

with fury and fire
Pay the mad puppeteer the purveyor of pain

the sorrowful singer

One can only hurt the O'Loingseach so much

before poems bleed
Bleed the blow the blood now does flow

the tears of the mind

Damn the mad Diety the dealer of pain

the shredder of souls.
Sing the sad song of sorrow and pain
of grief for the gone.

-Ljodahattr "Meter of Chants"