"We are sorry for any inconvenience or delay caused."
- road sign at an Ulster checkpoint.

The soldiers standby
with their guns at ready
ready to welcome you
to the land in the North

standing guard with the

spirit of Cromwell
and the time old fears
of displaced Scots.
Gael against Gael
Brother versus Brother
pitted together
under the Norman thumb

William's conquerors

unstopped ravager
of Gael and Breton
Saxon and Frenchmen

still the sorrow

of history
carries on despite
Peasant risings

The Republic did escape

but yet remains
most foully maimed
a land torn asunder

Welsh and Scot endure
Yet Irish hearts
blacken with blood
which flows all too freely.

To further blacken

young hearts and those
not yet born Generations
of pain, crying for respite.