SOCRATES - "The unexamined life is not worth living"

This is a web space outlining "ehn"—the perspective understandings of life I've chosen to model in lifestyle and living practice. The pages describe the Ehnian life design (ehn Tao) and the scope of focuses that frame and align with it.

ehn Tao
S a t u r n D r a g o n
Swan's Reach
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EFV In April, 2018 we were invited to attend the first United States convergence of the Ecosocialist International in Jackson Mississippi. The event was hosted by Cooperation Jackson and unveiled ecosocialism as a UCCS aligned movement to be included in Maturity 1's synchronization of localized development efforts with global campaigns to expand social cohesion.
Vine Fair The initial design of P.O.B. (a social consensus discussion forum) is almost properly coded–with some content formating to correct yet...but has recently included forms for evaluating the initial organizing of Maturity 1 (Mat-1), where the Topic Discussion is a transcribed evaluation of the introduction video for Mat-1.
Concerting The Abundance League of ChAPter Three in the Western Gulf Coast of North America is developing as the first ChAPter of the Chevil Até Project to actively form, with intentions for ChAPter Two in Northern Mississippi to follow next.
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