Ten Sights Institute of Social Cohesion

*Vision: Universal Thriving Wellnes (UTW)
*Scope of Endeavors: The Ten Sights
*Campaign: Maturity 1
*Social Development Formulas: UCCS
*Principal Initiative: the Chevil Até Project
*Solidarity Economics: ChAPter Source


The People's Strike
Putting an end to the inept and corrupt forces revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic that put profit before the people and the planet.


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Concerting Initiatives: Axis



Mapping the just and equitable frameworks and formulas of living for populations to adopt in striking against forces of disadvantage, disparity, disconnection, and discord.

Concerting Proposal:
A3 is the Chevil Até Project's Abundance League for the NA25 bioregion of North America and coordinates the Maturity-1 campaign's reconfiguration of the anchors and bridges of Living Society in narrative frameworks of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-being (UTW) and demonstrations of Universal Commonwealth and Cohesive Society (UCCS).
A3 observes The People’s Strike (PS) as an agent of defense for historically disadvantaged populations (including indigenous peoples on nearly every continent) and all those who have been forcibly expatriated from their native regions (especially those of African descent) in preventing further declines by these populations in their social conditions and life opportunities due to forces of capitalism that disadvantage them in favor of others.
A3 , therefore, proposes to concert with PS as "Concert 3C2-2" in identifying the systematic functions of capitalism that generate disparity outcomes, and organizing populations in a general strike against these systems, and toward developing cohesively adaptive systems of social well-being that justly serve all life. Concert 3C2-2 would be conducted as follows:

    1. A3 would assist PS Committees in conceptualizing idealized states of being in their categorical focuses, and conducting bioregionally coordinated People's Movement Assemblies for expanding consensus on adapting these conceptualizations to the region's ecological, biological, and sociological distinctions.
      1. International
        • Mapping the linkages between local social justice efforts in the United States and global campaigns to re-imagine entirely different paradigm frameworks of functioning as populations.
      2. Media and Communications
        • Innovating functions throughout its branches and alliances that enable all of its associations to withdraw from coordination methods and instruments that validate and serve geopolitical and geoeconomical exploitation in favor of those designed for grassroots organizing.
      3. Environmental Justice
        • Establishing narratives and regional tactics for shifting the function of nutrition systems and carbon producing industries to align with the science community's consensus on ecological principles, and practices that reinforce Earth's bioregional ecosystems.
    2. A3 would assist in development of a PS Solidarity Caucus with the charge of examining regenerative practices for sustaining PS and its associates in their efforts.