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Gods of Commerce

Marketing Without Advertising

Simple Living Investments

Honest Business

The Seven Laws of Money


Commerce is not a moral system. It is more like technology and science. Many people appreciate the absence of morality in commerce, such as people who shop on the Sabbath. Others are offended by the pornography, drugs and global trade that commerce provides.

There are many positive qualities of commerce. Commerce thrives in diverse and meritocratic societies. Commerce brings negatives too: avarice and selfishness. COMMERCE, Clear Glass Press 2004. 



Is there some obvious and fundamental structure to business that nobody else has seen before? Is there a way to make sense of the modern world that commerce has constructed around us? Clearly the answer is "yes". GODS OF COMMERCE: Understanding How Business Really Works. Clear Glass Press 1997. ( Click on review from the (Library Journal) (Click on review by Michael Pellecchia (Upside 4/98)

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Is advertising good or bad for business? Over one third of advertising is dishonest and deceitful and the rest is largely ineffective. This book offers precise and detailed steps to generate personal recommendations about your business. Covers useful experiences and the arcane issue of why RCA failed so often. MARKETING WITHOUT ADVERTISING. With Salli Rasberry, Nolo Press Revised 1997 (for Nolo Press click here)



Is it necessary to change my life, become a yuppie and save heavily for retirement? Very little changes as we age. Personality and tastes remain constant--aches get worse and friends die off. A wise strategy is possible for interesting people. SIMPLE LIVING INVESTMENTS: for a truly secure and adventurous old age. Revised with Catherine Campbell. Clear Glass Publishing 1989. $6.00


What happens when you change the values of business? Result: a success rate unimagined by anyone before. This approach is now sold to Americans as a European invention called business networking. Invented in hippy-era San Francisco and carried by the author to Sweden, it's back with proper credentials and very popular. HONEST BUSINESS. With Salli Rasberry. Clear Glass 1996


What happens when you remove 40% of a book? THE SEVEN LAWS OF MONEY--Available Now In A Minature Edition. The classic book on this subject is better with 40% removed. It fits in your pocket and still answers questions about money, how to use it, how it can use you and what money means. Published by Clear Glass in a 5 x 7.25 inch edition, 1994



Other books: 

Is the future going to be worse than the present? The rational answer is yes for most people. Chapter 6 is about the future. One of many chapters for readers who enjoy ideas, social controversy and broad perspectives. Subjects range from street people who choose street life to problems with spirituality. MENTAL SNACKS: Readings for Thinkers on Airplanes. Clear Glass Publishing 1987

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Is it possible for Americans to have a view of nature that is not Christian? One approach is found in Chapter 9. The idea is to update Taoist notions built into the I Ching. We live in a world alien to Taoism, so an adaptation of ancient concepts could bring us to a new perspective. DISCOURSES: More Reading for Thinkers on Airplanes. Clear Glass Publishing 1990

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The prejudice against Japan is very strong in the United States. Every year since1978 there has been a Japan bashing season from January through March. There have been three years without Japan bashing. One year (1990) when the majority party, LDP, was about to lose the national election and the two years (1996 and 1997) when Japan had leverage over the U.S. in a case before the World Trade Court. DISARMING ANTI-JAPANESE PREJUDICE: A guide for Japanese Businesses in the United States. Clear Glass Press 1996.

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Does our American form of elected government really give democracy a chance? There is an alternative method for selecting members of Congress that will effectively free our government from the control of corporations and wealth: Random selection. The style and message of this book resemble that of the Federalists. CITIZEN LEGISLATURE. With Ernest Callenbach. Banyan Tree Books 1985. Out of print

Click here to read Citizen Legislature (170k) on line)

Ten years of experience with the Briarpatch, a network of 1970's small businesses, created a new vision of business and a new vision of economics. Business based solely on price is rudimentary trade. When other issues enter the picture, such as service, recourse, information then a new form of economics is needed. TRANSACTION BASED ECONOMICS: Small Business Lessons for Economics Theory. Clear Glass Press 1984. Michael Phillips.

Out of print. Available free on the internet. (click here for 94k file)


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