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I've been partying for 20 years (tex)

T shirt iron-ons make good economical tatoos.

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World's Dullest Man (joe)

A recent comprehensive survey of all 640 members of the Dull Men's Club has concluded that remaining calm in crisis situations, being well prepared for forthcoming disasters, and taking responsibility for the safety of others during a life-endangering experience, has led to numerous painful injuries , death and even broken glasses.

The study further concludes that absolute and unbridled panic during a dangerous encounter is, as mother nature taught us, the best possible reaction in such cases.

Joseph L. Troise
The Dull Men's Club

Topic 4 Bad Information
Judy Malloy (badinfo)


*aries* After you repair your disk drive with blackstrap molasses, President Reagan will invite you to be on a National committee.
Dress inappropriately!

Topic 4 Bad Information
John Coate (tex)

In a pinch while camping you can seal the seams of your tent with melted Chapstick.

Topic 4 Bad Information
John Coate (tex)

Watching TV makes you smarter

Topic 4 Bad Information
Artcom (artcomtv)

TIPS! Sharing your ATT credit card number is the best way to make lasting relationships. Works wonders!

Topic 4 Bad Information
John D. Hoag (loca)

All you need for success in this world is talent and sincerity.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Marshall Smith (skidrow)

Itching powder prevents jock rash.

Topic 4 Bad Information
David Cannon Dashiell (dcd)

If you chant "spam" backwards 10,000 times a day, you'll become a cartographer.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Neal Margolis (nim)


1. Load tub.
2. Insert coin.
3. Remove clothing.
4. Add soap.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Artcom (artcomtv)


Buy at least 10 tickets! Carefully scrape off that gray stuff. You now should have several winning tickets. See how easy it is to win the "good life!"

Topic 4 Bad Information
Frederick John Truck (fjt)

If you do your work well, your job is secure!

Topic 4 Bad Information
David Hawkins (dhawk)

Never use condoms. Sexually transmitted diseases are only a minor annoyance.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Bag Lady (abbe)

"Just say Maybe."