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Tom Mandel (mandel)

A large leftover piece of a steak broiled on June 15, 1986 by Mr. Tom Mandel of Mountain View, CA, when wrapped in aluminum foil, looked exactly like a map of the island of Hawaii.

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Dan Levy (danlevy)

Green M&M's are powerful aphrodesiacs

Topic 4 Bad Information
Judy Malloy (badinfo)

developed and tested at B.I.

1/4 glass hawaian punch
2 fried eggs cooked in 2 tablespoons lard
1 buttered hostess twinkie, or,
1 bag jalapeno flavored potato chips

3 Reeses peanut butter cups
1 small green salad, or,
1 order fried onion rings
1 quart Rainier Ale

18 deep fried frozen fried clams
2 pork chops with B.I. sauce
( equal parts mayonaise, whipping
cream, and Midnight Express wine)
1 carrot, or, 1 order fried onion rings
1 glass rum and coke

1 bacon double cheeseburger
1 pint apricot brandy

Topic 4 Bad Information
Frederick J. Truck (fjt)

Try clove soup.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Dan Levy (danlevy)


A joint study released today by the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Mental Health, and published by the New England Journal of Medicine, indicates that stress is a powerful calorie burner. It has been estimated that one hour of good, solid worry burns as many calories as a thirty minute jog. Many of the participants in the test reported seeing excess pounds "melt away" simply by fretting in the privacy of their own homes. Doctors at NIH report that the resulting effects on the human heart are negligible in relation to the salutary effects of weight loss. Not surprisingly, commercial interests have been quick to exploit these findings; a joint venture between Pacific Gas & Electric and Chevron has been formed to develop a generator that would allow an average-sized adult to power an electric car at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour simply by thinking about his or her parents.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Tom Mandel (mandel)

WASHINGTON/The Justice Department

A spokesman for Attorney General Edwin Meese today announced that Spam is being added to the list of Schedule 1 drug substances.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Judy Malloy (badinfo)

The EPA has approved the release into the environment of genetically engineered SPAM!

Topic 4 Bad Information
Judy Malloy (bad info)

A case of SPAM-9 has eaten three EPA officials and is on its way to the White House.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Pom Pom Dogs (maddog)