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Topic 4 Bad Information
David Cannon Dashiell (dcd)

Pacman is actually a secret recruiting device for the Rosicrucians. In fact, the word "Pacman" is early Latin slang for "idiot savant".

Topic 4 Bad Information
Tom Mandel (mandel)

PEACE BREAKS OUT: Millenia of Conflict Come to An End Yesterday in Lynchburg, Virgina, a meeting of the leaders of the world's great religions announced that all differences had been ironed out and henceforth there would be no more war. With tears glistening in his eyes, Secretary Gorbachev, of the globally influential Marxist-Leninist Church, proclaimed, "Now that I have been born again, I can see the light." Conference organizer Jerry Falwell and the Ayatollah Khomeini joined hands, embraced, and finished off a bottle of 120 proof vodka to symbolize their new friendship.

There was one disturbing absence from the conference, however. Despite the heartfelt prayers of all, God did not make an appearance and there were behind the scenes rumors that He was not amused.

Topic 4 Bad Information
David Hawkins (dhawk)

There is such a thing as 'real life.'