Contributors included

John Coate
David Cannon Dashiell
Abbe Don
David Gans
Flash Gordon
Freddy Hahne
David Hawkins
John D. Hoag
Dan Levy
Carl Loeffler (Artcom)
Matthew McClure
Judy Malloy
Tom Mandel
Neal Margolis
Raul Gilbert MinaMora
Howard Rheingold
Jim Rosenberg
Carter Scholz
Marshall Smith
Michael Stone
Maria A. Syndicus
Joseph L. Troise
and Frederick J. Truck.

in memory of
Carl Eugene Loeffler,
who brought conceptual
art online and
encouraged us all
to have fun in the
days when the
Internet was text.

Bad Information

In the early days of cyberspace, important information was collected on Art Com Electronic Network on The WELL. This information was catalogued, and organized in a definitive database that contains words of wisdom about the following subjects:

advice.... health.... relationships
art and football....politics.... religion
technology....body odor relations....television
some horiscopes....miracle cures....the WELL ....toilet paper
transportation.... food.... success

Begun in 1986, Bad Information was one of the first works of net art. Calling attention to our tendency to accept computer-produced information as true, Bad Information invited WELL users to participate in the creation of a questionable database. Over 400 entries were received for this database which was conceived, collected and produced by Judy Malloy. Portions of Bad Information were made available as an interactive database on ACEN Datanet in 1987, and first placed on the World Wide Web in the mid 1990's.