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Topic 4 Bad Information
Tom Mandel (mandel)

ENVIRONMENTAL MARKERS In the areas of Mountain View adjacent to Naval Air Station, Moffet Field, on the roofs of many apartment and condominium complexes, there can be seen from the air the outline of a very large bullseye. This has been provided, because of secret treaties between the United States and the Soviet Union, as the target marking for a Soviet ICBM.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Tom Mandel (mandel)

U.S. Department of Energy officials continue to report that an accident as bad as Chernobyl couldn't happen here because 'free world' technology is better than Iron Curtain technology.

Topic 4 Bad Information
Judy Malloy (jmalloy)

American Presidential candidates are the most intelligent, best informed, and most experienced men and women in the country.