Ten Sights Institute of Social Cohesion

*Vision: Universal Thriving Wellnes (UTW)
*Scope of Endeavors: The Ten Sights
*Campaign: Maturity 1
*Social Development Formulas: UCCS
*Principal Initiative: the Chevil Até Project
*Solidarity Economics: ChAPter Source


To discover and utilize methods for discerning and enhancing the nature of all human relationships in order to facilitate the thriving of all sentient Earth beings and ostensibly, through that process, begin to attain a viable, sustainable, and peaceful human mode of life on Earth.


Concerting Initiatives:

Axis 3
Permaculture 3
Table 3

Guiding Social Change Agents in Permaculture Education and Awakening to The Fullness of Self that Expands Thriving Well Being in Life, and is in Service to Living Associations throughout the NA25 Bioregion (ChAPter Three or Teraquista) for the Nearctic Ecozone as part of the Chevil Até Project's Network of UTW and UCCS Social Reconfigurations.

Concerting Proposal:
In its efforts to -_-, The Abundance League of ChAPter Three (A3) observes E-_- as an agent of-_-in the Ten Sights endeavor category of -_- and serving the living interests of:

  1. -_-.

These interests are in concert with A3s' efforts to rectify the systemic imbalances of-_-, by reclaiming the authority of eco regions to steward their habitats. A3s' initial designs for concert with -_- involve:

  1. -_-

A3 also envisions supplemental designs of its concert with XR Nola as:

  1. -_-

A3, therefore, proposes that -_- concert with A3 in developing a -_- program through -_-, with -_- in the role of -_-. A3 foresees -_-’s benefits in this concert as-_-

These are but initial observations that invite your adjustments, corrections, or additions to them in considering how concerting in A3 may serve your interests. Please review the enclosed material in considering A3’s invitation by participating in its Synergy-31 program series. To the degree the parameters described above and outlined below are acceptable and adopted, we are in concert. Contact us here with any questions.
    1. A3 observes its UTW concert with the earth sciences purposes of La Terre Bioregional Center and La Terre Integral Center (La Terre InterBio) to be in the 3@ category of Ten Sights (TS) as 1) expanding consensus on the archetypal and life-serving values of permaculture environmental and social perspectives and living practices through POB dialogs; and 2) educating C3 Commonwealth Social Change Agents (CSCA) in permaculture practices needed for being responsible stewards of C3's resources and habitat. And in the 5@ category of TS as mentoring C3 CSCAs to responsibly represent their authentic humanessspirit in the organizing they conduct, and model Nature's principles in their endeavors through the Table 3 initiative.
    1. Catalysts
      1. Callings of Purpose/ Mission
        1. La Terre InterBio: Averting the preventable catastrophic projections of climate disruption
        2. A3: Reconfiguring the systemic impediments to commonwealth social change efforts
      2. Concerting Needs (Support your initiatives require to meet immediate needs or reach envisions states of capability)
        1. La Terre InterBio: To be obtained in concerting dialogs...
        2. A3: Acceptance of A3's flanking role of concentrating on systemic social reconfiguration before involvement in frontline direct action
      3. Concerting Assets (Resources and assets offered in concert)
        1. La Terre InterBio: To be obtained in concerting dialogs...
        2. A3: Chevil Atés' mapping network
    2. Concerting Purpose(s)
      1. La Terre InterBio: To be obtained in concerting dialogs...
      2. A3:
        1. Permaculture education of Commonwealth Social Change Agents (CSCA) in practices needed for being responsible stewards of planetary resources and habitat, and spirit mentoring of these agents to responsibly represent their authentic humanness in the organizing they conduct, through retreats guiding them to awaken to their genius and model Nature's principles in their endeavors.
        2. Through dialogs, nature outings, retreats, and other explorations, this concert seeks to guide CSCAs in awakening to the aspects of self-discovery that manifest in people as fully actualized and self-determined beings
    3. Concerts (Concerting Initiatives)
      1. No BTS
        1. UTW/UCCS Formulas
      2. Participating in the Synergy-3 Program
        1. Presenter in Synergy 31
    1. Group
      1. Abundance League Concert: Synergy 31
    2. -
      1. -
    3. -
      1. -
    1. Key Personnel
      1. Jamres
      2. Keith
    2. -
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