The Berkeley Waterfront

Planning, land use, water access, and economic
issues relating to the Berkeley shoreline and marina

This site is written and produced by Paul Kamen, appointed to the
Berkeley Waterfront Commission in February 1999 by Mayor Shirley Dean,
re-appointed in May 2003 by Councilmember Gordon Wozniak.

"The trouble with democracy is that there
are never enough weekday evenings"

The Berkeley Waterfront Photo of the Week
Marina and waterfront information, berth rates, charts, history, and image galleries
Driving and sailing directions to the Berkeley Marina (new map)
Policy and planning issues
Waterfront Commission documents, meetings, and contacts
The Berkeley Waterfront Yellow Pages
Calendar of waterfront events
Golden Gate Bridge Sunset Finder

Hot issues:

CDAWGS - Coalition for Diverse Activities on Water, Grass and Sand
Saving off-leash beaches and improving access for non-motorized watercraft

The Berkeley Ferry
Plans for the Golden Gate Fields racetrack and surrounding properties
"What is access?" An unfinished white paper for the Water Trail
"What is access?," part 2
State Parks Waterbird Study of the North Sailing Basin
The Joint Powers Agreement
Reconfiguration of dry storage and parking in the South Sailing Basin
The Marina's Financial Status
Aquatic Park: Sierra Club and the BHS Women's Crew Team
The A-E, H & I dock replacement and reconfiguration project
The Marina Master Plan
The Eastshore State Park

Links of interest:
City agencies and programs
Regulatory and funding agencies
Environmnetal, planning, and advocacy organizations
Local waterfront organizations, activities, and businesses
Online planning resources