The new berth rates as passed by the City Council on June 12, 2001

Proposal and supporting documents for the 2001 rate increase:
My original berth rate proposal, April 2001
The "low impact version 2" proposal, April 2001
The new berth rate proposals explained
Berth Revenue Spreadsheet
Monthly Bill Spreadsheet
Berth Revenue Spreadsheet, low impact version 1
Berth Revenue Spreadsheet, low impact version 2

Proposals, petitions, charts, and comments from the 1999-2000 rate increase:
My berth rate proposal, April 1999
The marina's berth rate proposal, May 1999, and my comments
Discussion of progressive berth rates with the owner of a boat over 50 ft
Berther's petition opposing progressive rate structure, July 1999, and my comments
Graphs showing relationships between boat length, value, and and berth fees
My berth rate proposal, October 1999
Comments on the Marina's proposal to charge for dock boxes, October 1999
New Berth Rates, as approved by the Waterfront Commission at the December 1999 Meeting
More Comments on the dock box charge, January 2000
Excerpts from an email discussion concerning the proposed overhang policy
Comments following the public hearing on January 18 2000
Berth rates passed by City Council on January 25, 2000
Letter from Bob Griffiths in response to new marina fees

Downloadable Berth Rate Calculator Program:
This is a windows program to quickly calculate berth rate and monthly charges for all berth configurations. It's written in Visual Basic, and requires the file MSVBVM50.DLL (1.3 MB) in your WINDOWS/SYSTEM folder.

Spreadsheets estimating berth revenue:
As approved by the Waterfront Commission on 12-8-99
With dock box credit instead of dock box fee
With dock box credit and increased base rate