Swan's Reach
S a t u r n D r a g o n
Maturity 1
Ten Sights
the Chevil Até Project

C.I.R.C.L.E. 3
Commonwealth Information Resources
and Communal Living Exchanges of C3

The Thriving Wellness Monitoring and Reporting Stewardship and the Social Consensus Ambassadorship of ChAPter Three
C3's UTW assessment initiative that mentors youth as stewardship ambassadors of thriving wellness through monitoring and reporting on the states of wellness throughout the ChAPter

Concept References:

  • P.O.B. Consensus Dialog

Concerting Allies:

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Pending Allies:

Strategic Outline

      • In UTW the proper purpose of any human institution, rather business; government; or civil society, is to support people as productive, contributing, sharing members of a vibrant, prosperous, living Earth community–A living community creating the conditions essential to its own existence. [ref link]
      • A process for monitoring and reporting with this intention should; therefore, be institutional in UTW organizing.
      • C.I.R.C.L.E. serve as the component for monitoring ChAPter adherence with this intention and reporting the status of this adherence ChAPter-wide.
      • Each ChAPter of the Chevil Até Project has a thoroughly functioning C.I.R.C.L.E. that is resourced in ChAPter Source.
      • Through initiations of awakening to their spirit genius training in cohesive interrelating methods, research methods for verifying the data they monitor, perspective understandings on social policy and organizing across the ideological spectrum by Abundance League allies, and reporting techniques that apprise their communities of conditions monitored–as well as social organizing principles and models for addressing these conditions.
  3. Conclusions
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