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Tom Digby's no-frills index

Biographical and Personal Data

Tom Digby's personal info and resume or a less boring summary, and how he feels about copyright and people using his stuff.

Books and Zines

Tom Digby Along Fantasy Way
Silicon Soapware, all issues to date.

Frame Stories, Indexes, etc.

My root page.
Chronological List of Changes.
The Scenic Route.
The computer clubhouse with a real-world information terminal and a separate cartoon comedy information terminal.
A list of links to other pages.
Miscellaneous pictures, most not listed separately in this main index.
The world of The Ancient City.
Various Java Applets.

Graphics banner (6.7k) Wishing Well banner (7.3k)
ScenicRoute background (3.1k).
Inline pointer to portrait (2.5k)
Portrait of the Author (40k)
Sheet Music to Little Teeny Eyes (first verse) (13k). See the Poetry section for the remaining verses.
Color test images using different palettes:
  • Grayscale, 256 shades of gray (7k)
  • 8 bits, 256 colors (15k)
  • 6-7-6 levels, 252 colors (16k)
  • 6-6-6 levels, 216 colors (14k)
  • Inventions, Ideas & Proposals

    Universal 64-bit Character Code
    Intellectual Property and Digital Cash
    Outside link to a Scientific American article on digital cash

    Philosophy and Religion

    A tetrahedron with writing on it
    A theater where a play is in progress.


    The word Plergb

    Poetry and Stories

    Have you ever been to a part of the world where people don't believe in the Moon???

    How the Porcupines Learned to be Teddy Bears Again.

    Some lifestyles are Alternate Routes

    More on alternate lifestyles: Lost(?) Child

    Where is your inner child tonight? The Speech

    Words to Little Teeny Eyes (all my verses). See the Graphics section for the sheet music.

    A directory of just about all my poetry.


  • The Game of Life
  • Various Java Applets
  • Items in picture are links
  • Putri-DOS

    Putri-DOS menu screen
  • What is Putri-Dos?
  • History of PutriDOS
  • Getting Started
  • Commands
  • System & Compatibility Problems
  • Text Editors and Word Processors
  • Putri-DOS on the Net
  • Programming
  • Test Documents

  • HTML file with preformatted text
  • Plain Text file, not HTML
  • Color Monitor Tests
  • Obsolete Stuff

    Going into a temple and finding a tetrahedron with writing on it and a theater where a play is in progress. Temple is obsolete, tetrahedron and play are now separate items.

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