Add-to-Cart Confirmation


The visitor has added an item to the cart.

We had a multi-state logic in place here - the item was in stock (as near as we could tell, thank you Client Logic), the item was Out of Stock but was going to be reordered, or the item was at End-Of-Life and was not going to be reordered.

This logic bubbled up through the presentation in the following way: if the item was in stock the Visitor received the message you see here. If the item was out of stock but still in production the Visitor received a message asking if they would like to receive an email when the item came back into stock. If the specific SKU was not going to be replace we gave the Visitor a message indicating that the specific Size or Color was not available, and would they like another?

Finally if there was just no more of these things the item would not have any way of reaching it! Meaning no Search, no Browse, no Cross-sell links, etc. Making this happen was a combination of both automatic and manual processes. If those processes failed we had a 'product 404' page.