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Product Presentation


The Catalog pages were intended to be a fashon show, but the Product pages were intended to seal the sale.

As such we had to hold up all our pitch copy untill the visitor reached these pages.

ZoZa had a lot to tell about the clothes - we wanted to present the innovative fabrics, provide customer reviews, to describe the fit of the product, and how to care for the product. We provided detail photographs of varous design features and of the fabrics.

We also allowed the clothing designers to present their thoughts on the design. This was done in a 'Behind the Seams' section.

These pages began as being complex, technically, and grew more so as we started providing discounts and eliciting Visitor email. Oh, did I mention that all of this was dynamically presented? If Detail View was pulled the display of the Detail Views section had to automagically disappear.

I think there were over 150 assets per product which had to be produced to get a visitor to a 'full' product page.