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Please send me any suggestions or recommendations that you have. (If someone wants me to review your steel guitar-related product, send me e-mail!)

The late Rick Alexander has a fine selection of steel guitar instructional videos. You can view many examples on his well run YouTube video channel.

Martin Gross is a resophonic guitarist with a fine collection of YouTube videos for those wishing to learn acoustic resophonic guitar (Dobro®).

Troy Brenningmeyer has a web site called Lessons with Troy that says it's the "#1 Source for Online Dobro® Video Instruction, Tablature and More!". It certainly looks complete, and the videos are very well done.

Mike Auldridge has produced a series of instructional video tapes. You can visit his web site and see RealAudio excerpts from these tapes. If you are looking for good instruction from a master, this is the way to go!

Homespun Music Instruction has many instructional DVDs available, including the following:

  • Jerry Douglas Dobro® Techniques
  • Bob Brozman Learn To Play Traditional Hawaiian Guitar
  • Cindy Cashdollar Learning Bluegrass Dobro®
  • Cindy Cashdollar Learn to Play Western Swing Steel Guitar (for lap and non-pedal models)
  • Bruce Bouton Learning Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Stacy Phillips Dobro® Repertoire and Technique (two-tape series)
  • Rob Ickes Essential Techniques for Dobro®
Each item is 90 minutes long, and videos are available in either NTSC or PAL format. For more information, contact them at:
Homespun Tapes
PO Box 340
Woodstock, NY 12498
(800) 338-2737 toll-free Canada and US
(845) 246-2550 voice
(845) 246-5282 FAX email

Tab Tabscott has two instructional videos and two cassette courses for the Dobro. More information can be found at his web site, or by writing to him at:

Tab Tabscott
POB 25246
Seattle, WA 98125

In addition to their own videos, Mel Bay Publications acts as distributors of Dobro® and pedal steel guitar videos by Texas Music and Video, Ridge Runner, and the Emmons Guitar Company. More information can be obtained by browsing their web site.

Joe Wright has a series of videos designed for both pedal steel and nonpedal steel players, based on his many years performing and teaching throughout the United States. His videos "Secrets of the Right Hand", "Left Hand Basics", "Left and Right Hand Basics" and "Blocking Basics" are an excellent way to get started playing steel guitar properly. More information can be obtained by browsing his excellent web site, or by writing to him:

Joe Wright
4049-B Grays Point Road
Joelton, TN 37080 email

Mike Neer has an video called "Steelin' From The Masters" covering the classic Buddy Emmons tune "Four Wheel Drive". The tune is taught using C6th tuning on an eight string guitar, but can be played on a six string using C6th tuning. Mike gives a good breakdown of the melody, covers the solo as played by Buddy Emmons, and an informal lesson that addresses the ideas behind some of the more common licks used in the song. This is an excellent video for more advanced students, not just those who like Buddy Emmons. The video is available on DVD directly from Mike through his web site and is also available as a direct download to your computer.

If you have questions, suggestions for improvements, or additional information, please let me know.